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Benson or Elegant Quail




This is a picture of a true Elegant quail, as found in the wild. Notice the white plume on the forehead, as it's rather hard to miss. You will not find this on Bensons bred in captivity. The Benson bred in captivity have an reddish colored plume, instead.
This photograph was taken in Douglas, Arizona. To see the rest of the photo collection, please follow the link below the photo.

The most notable feature is the golden-buff crest of the male. The head is dark, speckled with black and gray that extends to the throat. The sides of the neck are grayish-brown, the back and sides are brown, streaked with white. The breast and belly are gray and brown with large white spots. The legs, feet and bill are dark gray to black. 

Similar to, but much duller than the male, overall mottled brown and gray and has a smaller plume with less color.



Status in Aviculture: They have never been commonly kept in captivity, therefore, numbers are small. 

Breeding Season: Late April to June. 

Breeding Age: First year. 

Clutch Size: 8 to 12 

Incubation Period: 22-23 days. 


General Comments:

This species is not as common as the other "desert" quails in captivity and are still rather expensive. They are nervous and flighty birds that require a roomy aviary. They are not winter hardy and will need protection from the cold. I have heard from other breeders that it is best to keep the birds in pairs for best fertility and to keep the hens from fighting. 


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  Elegant Quail
Rare Benson Quail Male

Benson Quail Male

Benson Quail 1 Hen and 2 Males

Benson Quail Pair

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