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North American Shoveler 
American Goldeneye

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 Male common Goldeneyes have blackish iridescent green heads with a white circular patch between the eye and the base of the bill. The breast, sides, belly, and patch across the secondaries and secondary wing coverts are white. The back, rump, and upper tail coverts are black and the tail is grayish brown. The bill is black and the legs and feet are yellowish. 

Female common Goldeneyes have chocolate brown heads, a whitish neckband, and speckled gray back and sides. The upper wings are brownish black with the middle five secondaries colored white. The bill is blackish becoming yellow near the tip and the legs and feet are yellowish.



Common Goldeneyes  are cavity nesters and have a strong homing tendency, often using the same cavity in successive years. Female common Goldeneyes nest in natural tree cavities, abandoned woodpecker holes, or nest-boxes and lay an average of 9 eggs.



General Comments

The common Goldeneye, like the Barrow's Goldeneye, is named for its brilliant yellow iris. Common Goldeneyes fly in small compact clusters, with their wings making a distinctive whistle at every wing beat.



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Goldeneye Drake

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Goldeneye Drake and Hens

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