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Welcome to Squaw Creek Farm
Exotic birds & Animals


1388 210th Avenue
Osceola, Iowa  50213


November 10th, 2008

Here at Squaw Creek Farm, we specialize in raising Quail, more than 9 different species.
We also raise Mandarins, White Mandarins, Wood Ducks, and Apricot Wood Ducks.
We also raise Boer Goats and Nubian Goats.  We are a family owned and operated.
We strive to produce healthy strong, and genetically pure birds and animals.


Welcome from Stan & Rita Robinson.
We like people to see who they're doing business with.  During this age of computers
and the internet,  things can become very impersonal.  So we'd like to take the time to 
let you get to know a little about us.

Not a Current Picture

Picture taken 20yrs ago

We are currently updating our pages, so please be patient with us.

Now, sit back, relax and enjoy the ride through our wild kingdom

Here's an animation of a Harris Hawk that my dad photographed, while he was out bird watchin

Joel the Tiger



A Visit from my Dad


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