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The Male Smew have a white crested head with a black face and v-shaped black patch beneath the crest. The back and rump are dark gray to black and the flanks are vermiculated white and black. The breast is white with two black stripes extending forward from the back. The wings are blackish-gray with white wing patches. The long narrow serrated bill is black and the legs and feet are grayish.

Female Smew have a chestnut head with a white cheek patch, chin, and throat. The breast and flanks are dull gray and the upperparts are dark gray. The wings are dark gray with white wing patches. The bill, legs, and feet are similar to the males.

Average length: 15-17"
Average weight: M 1.63 lbs., F 1.25 lbs.



There are no breeding records of the Smew in North America. Smews prefer forested wetland systems where they nest in tree cavities or nest boxes and lay an average of 6 to 9 eggs.


General Comments

Smews are nice to have in your aviary and do well in any climate.


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Smew Drake

Smew Hen

Smew Pair

Smew Hen Nesting

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