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Ordering & Shipping

Please Read Carefully and Completely before Ordering !!



We accept orders year round for fall shipments. 
There is a 50% deposit required to reserve an order for birds, with the balance due, plus shipping costs, prior to shipping the birds.

Wild Waterfowl do NOT lay all summer long like domestic ducks. Wild waterfowl only lay during the spring and only one clutch a year. So as you can see our number of birds are limited to what each hen lays. This means that we have a limited number of birds to sell and they are sold on a first come first serve basis. So be sure to get your birds reserved ASAP. If you are on the reserve list you are guaranteed delivery of the birds you reserved. Some people will wait until the last minute to order, don't wait until the last minute, otherwise you'll possibly have to wait until the following fall to get the birds you're looking for.

Deposits are not refundable !
Unless the birds you order is no longer available.

Absolutely No Refunds on Cancellations

Orders must be accepted when we are ready to ship. 

If you are planning a vacation or you have a situation where you can not accept the birds when they are ready to be shipped, please contact us right away so we can make other arrangements for shipping.
We'll try to be more than flexible to accommodate you when shipping, within reason.
Refusing to accept your birds when they are ready to be shipped, you will be charged a boarding fee of $0.50 per day, for up to 30 days. Customers who can not be reached by phone or email after 30 days will be considered the same as though the customer has cancelled the order and will loose any monies already paid. The only exception to this is if the buyer has previously made other arrangements with us.
There is absolutely no refunds for Cancellations or refusal to accept your birds when they are ready to be shipped, unless other arrangements were made in advance and put in writing by email.
Birds that can not be shipped due to the fact that we can not provide or ship the bird, Will be Refunded.

Please include Area code and Phone number with your order.
Any order without a phone number will be returned and you will loose your place in the shipping order.


All orders are shipped U.S.P.S. Express Mail, except larger birds, such as geese or swans, which in most cases will be shipped by an air carrier.
U.S.P.S does NOT insure the delivery of Live Birds since they are considered perishables.
The safe delivery is the responsibility of the carrier U.S.P.S. , not the supplier.
As with any live animal there is always the risk of a casualty, therefore, since we do not have control over the birds while they are being shipped, we can not guarantee safe delivery.  However, our success rate is extremely high, with less than 1% casualties per year. 
Birds are shipped U.S.P.S Express Mail on Mon., Tues., & Wed.
U.S.P.S. usually delivers within 24 - 36 hours.
U.S.P.S requires use of approved shipping containers. There is a box charge, which is included in the shipping costs below.

UPDATE:  2/15/20
Due to changes in U.S.P.S. Shipping Costs we can no longer ship more than 2 birds per box 

Shipping Costs

  $60.00 - $65.00   a  pair

We will be checking other sources for future shipping, currently this is our only means for shipping

Make cashiers checks, Money Order's or personal checks payable to:

Squaw Creek Farm
Osceola, IA 50213

If you wish to use a credit card, please use the link below
Or call (641) 414-5350 for ordering by Credit Card

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Bird Prices Don't include shipping charges.