Australian Shelduck

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Other names of the Australian Shelduck are Chestnut-breasted Shelduck or Mountain Shelduck. The male has a metallic black head and neck, white ring separates chestnut breast and mantle; the upper back, scapulars and abdomen are black, finely lined with buff or white; the tail, lower back and rump are black. Bill, legs and feet are black as well. Females are often smaller and much duller than males, with white patch around eye and white ring at the base of the bill. 



They reach breeding maturity in their 2-3rd year.
They range south-western and south-eastern Australia, Tasmania, where they live on freshwater and brackish lakes. In aviculture it is a common species, which breeds in half-buried nest boxes, as the other shelducks do as well. In the wild they breed from June to September; in captivity from May to July. Adults breed when they are two to three years old and lay 8 up to 14 eggs, which hatch after 30 days. 


General Comments

They can be aggressive during the breeding season (and even kill other ducks and geese), therefore it would be wise to house pairs separate from other species.


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