Paradise Shelduck

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Paradise Shelducks are usually seen in pairs or flocks. Pairs form long term bonds. They will fiercely defend their territory while breeding. 
The Paradise Shelduck shown in the picture is female. 
Unusual among ducks, female shelducks have brighter plumage than the males.



Breeding this duck is not difficult. They do require a burrow-type nest box to lay the clutch of 8 to 16 eggs. I have noticed that this species begins to lay earlier than most waterfowl. Starting in early March, while there is still snow on the ground! The hen will pull lots of down to line the nest, but I also provide plenty of pine shavings as nesting material. Incubation lasts about 28 days. Allow the hen to hatch her own eggs, and both of the adults make good parents. Sometimes the male is more protective over the brood than the hen!
Young birds may not breed until their second year.


General Comments

While they are considered great ducks for the beginner, they are very aggressive towards other species of waterfowl and may need to be housed in their own aviary. 


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Paradise Shelduck Drake

Paradise Shelduck Hen

Hen on the top and Drake on the bottom

Paradise Shelduck Juveniles

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