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Chilean Speckled Teal

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Chilean teal go by different names, Speckled teal, or Sharp wing Teal.
Chilean teal are small brownish "female-plumaged" ducks with speckles. Their bills are blue-gray, with the darker color above the lighter. The head and neck are light grayish-buff finely speckled with black. They are otherwise dark brown above with paler edgings, wing speculum green bordered buff-white behind. Their under parts are buffy-white, usually conspicuous spotted brown on foreneck and breast. A typical call of the male is a mellow "preep," but in display utters prolonged mellow rippling series of notes. Female vocalization is a gruff "quack" or cackle.

Chilean Teal are also commonly called Speckled Teal.


Nest sites vary considerably, from holes in trees, banks and slopes to on the ground among vegetation, usually not far from water. Double brooding can occur in a prolonged season and males often assist females in tending young broods. During spring-summer of first year September to February They have been known to except nesting boxes as well. The average clutch is 5 to 8 buff colored eggs. 



General Comments

Chilean Teal are also commonly called Speckled Teal, or Sharp wing Teal.
Chile to the southern tip of South America Speckled teal are endemic to South America and widespread and common in the south, extending north in the lowlands to central Chile, Paraguay and southeastern Brazil, and in the Andes to Venezuela.




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Chilean Teal

Chilean Teal

Chilean Teal Pair

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