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Cinnamon Teal

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There are five subspecies of this little duck, all native to the New World. The only subspecies native to North America is the Northern Cinnamon Teal , which breeds in western North America from British Columbia south to California and winters in the south western States and Mexico. This is the most commonly kept Cinnamon Teal. All of the remaining subspecies are native to South America. The Argentine Cinnamon Teal breeds from southern Peru south into Argentina and the Falkland Islands. The largest race, the Andean Cinnamon Teal , can be found in the high plateaus of Peru, Bolivia and Chile. The smallest is the Tropical Cinnamon Teal from the lowlands of Columbia and the rarest subspecies, the Borrero's Cinnamon Teal is restricted to the highlands of Columbia. 
All of the above subspecies are similar in appearance, with the obvious size exceptions. The Tropical Cinnamon is also much more spotted than the others. I believe that the Argentine is the only other subspecies that is kept in captivity. 

The (northern) drake's breeding plumage is deep chestnut red over most of the head and body. The wing is blue, similar to the Blue-winged Teal with a green speculum. The bill is black; feet and legs orange-yellow. Hens are very similar to Blue-wing hens, but are slightly darker. If you keep both species, be sure to mark them (bands) so you won't confuse the two species, as they will readily breed with one another. 


The Northern Cinnamon Teal is not hard to keep and breed in aviaries. The breeding season begins in late April when the hens begin to lay their clutch of 9 to 11 eggs in dense cover. Incubation lasts about 25 days and are quite small and delicate, but easy to care for. First year birds are able to breed.


General Comments

Cinnamon Teal are hardy and good birds for the beginner, but the drakes can become very aggressive and troublesome during the breeding season. Only keep in a mixed collection with other large species, such as the Mandarin or Wood Duck. They do require some shelter during the colder months.


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Cinnamon Teal Drake

Cinnamon Teal Hen

Cinnamon Teal Pair

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