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Marble Teal

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From of a distance, this small ducks appear to be just plain brown, but when observed up close, you will the buff spots or "marbles" for which this species is named for. Native to southern Europe, north Africa and the Middle-East, they are common in aviaries, however, the wild population is dwindling. The sexes are similar, with hens having yellowish patch at the base of the bill. Males seem to have a larger head than hens, due to a crest that is used when courting hens. Both sexes lack the metallic wing speculum seen in other teal. 
There is some confusion as to the genus of this species, and since I am confused myself, I have listed the teal under both genera. Some ornithologists believe that Marbled Teal are closer to diving ducks than to dabblers, and others feel the opposite. 


Marbled Teal are east to breed in captivity. The breeding season begins in May with hens laying about 7 to 14 eggs per clutch that hatch in about 25 days. We provide the same style of boxes that the Bahama Pintail use, although the hens will also make a nest under cover on the ground. 


General Comments

Marbled Teal are easy going ducks that do well in mixed collections. They are not very Winter hardy, and heat may need to be provided during the coldest Winter nights. I have noticed that they are not very bold ducks, and will be picked on by larger species. They do best when housed with other small tropical ducks. 

Aviaries do not need to be very large, just provide plenty of cover since these birds are often shy and nervous in captivity. They do love to graze, so give them plenty of greens. I have also noticed that they will come around for a snack of mealworms as well.


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Marble Teal

Marble Teal

Marble Teal

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