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Falcated Teal

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Falcated Teal are larger than the American teal, closer in size to the Wigeons, who they are more closely related to. The drake's forehead and cheeks are metallic purplish-copper; behind the eye and the rest of the head and crest is glossy green. Directly above the dark bill, there is a small white spot. The Throat and neck are white, with a black band that runs around to the back of the head. The breast is covered with many vermiculated black, gray and buff feathers, giving it a scaly appearance; the sides, lower breast and upper back is finely vermiculated black, gray and white. The feathers of the inner secondaries are black and white, and extend into a long sickle or crescent shape over the tail. There is a buff patch on each side of the lower rump. Hens are much like other Anas hens, in that she is mostly mottled brown overall, but a slight crest makes her head appear larger than other species.

The Falcated Teal drake is one of the most attractive of all ducks in the genus Anas . They appear to be related to the Carolina Wood Duck and the Mandarin Duck, but are in fact dabblers. In the wild, this species breeds in central and eastern Siberia, south to northern Japan. They spend the Winter months in southern Japan, China, Burma and Taiwan. Since they are so beautiful, Falcated Teal are often kept in captivity, where they do very well.


This species breeds rather well in aviaries, but need lots of cover to nest. The hens will begin to lay her clutch of 6 to 10 eggs in May and incubates them for about 25 days. The hens will make good mothers and can be used to hatch her own eggs. First year birds are fertile.


General Comments

A very easy species to keep in aviaries, the Falcated Teal is calm species that does very well in mixed collections. They are also Winter hardy, making them desirable for breeders in cold regions.


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Falcated Drake

Falcated Drake

Falcated Hen

Falcated Hen

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