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Hottentot Teal

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Male has a black crown contrasting with a puffy white face and throat with a blackish "thumbprint" at the ear. Back and sides of neck, breasts spotted with black. Tawny buff flanks and abdomen. Back, rump and tail dark brown to black. upper tail covers vermiculated with black. Upper wing surface mostly dark brown to black. The secondaries form an iridescent green speculum. Feet and bill are bluish gray. 

Males and females look very much alike, although there is a slight difference in color variation. Females have browner crowns and less contrasting facial markings. A very small duck averaging only 12 to 14 inches in length


Breeds mostly during the summer. Courtship involves the males swimming ahead of the females and turning the back of the head. The male may also drink and raise its head producing small "burping" noises. Birds may wing-flap and wing-stretch together. Pre copulatory behavior consists of mutual head pumping. The nest is of reeds or grass covered with dark down. The female lays from 6 to 8 eggs and incubates for 24-27 days. Pair formation occurs annually.



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Hottentot Teal Drake

Hottentot Teal Hen

Hottentot Teal Drake

Hottentot Teal   Pairs

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